I summarized my personal experience in the process of action research as the exploration in the trust system. Compared with the research methods courses I have taken in China, I think action research here requires more self-awareness, dialogue and self-action.

At the beginning of the course, the teacher introduced the classification of action research, from control research to self action research. It was from controlling others to controlling oneself. I used to think which one was the best to do? I saw a lot of students actively looking for groups where they could do action research. My action research project failed when no one responded. I had to draw up an action research plan for my future teaching management, which seemed to be more convenient for “management” and closer to my own research field.

In the process of analyzing materials, I always wonder if there are more mature analytical methods to learn. I felt confused when I found that the teacher asked the students to explore by themselves. Following the digital story-telling group, I found that although the process was very difficult, my classmates would still try to complete it. I was deeply impressed by the exploration spirit of the students here. It made me understand that action research is a process of exploration, but I always want to see results.