This is a first time that I attand an action research course as well as use an art-based method to collect and analysis data, and thanks all of you welcome, help and inclusive.

Art-based reseach is a very interesing and meaningful method in our life. I learned how to collect pictures as a research data, and how to try to understand and explain the meaning under the pictures.

I totally believe that art-based research is a more suitbale method to use in our modern life, especially in the education area, because this method is more fouse on person`s real thinking and feeling which is not same like other methods.
If I want to use this method next time, I will compare the method goals and participators with this time, Since I think different methods represent different meaning, such as music, pictures and potory.and then I will deceide how to collect and analysis data to express my ideas more clearly.

I think What needs impove this time may be we can discuss more framework before conducting research, because the more deep and suit the framework are, the more useful our results are. So I advice if possible we can use more theory basis or learn more about the other art-based research in this section.
As a begining action researcher, I think the urgent thing for me is to attend more and more real stduies, because this way can improve my sensitive of how to think and how to do action research, help me put my theory to practice and calculate more experience form practice.

Thanks all of you, Cynthina and all of classmates!